Phoenix Neso SS0202F Biometric Safe


  • High quality electronic biometric lock
  • LED indicator lights show battery and lock status
  • Fitted with override key-lock system
  • Two radial pin tumbler keys
  • Ideal for home or office use
  • High quality, scratch resistant finish


  • Sleek and secure biometric safe
  • Store up to 20 individual fingerprints
  • Basic Security Safe
  • Overnight Insurance Cash Cover: €1,500
  • Valuables Insurance Rating: €15,000
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Suitable for floor fixing
  • Suitable for wall fixing
  • 1 shelf
  • Colour: Black
  • Includes fixing bolts
  • External Dimensions: 300 x 380 x 300mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 295 x 375 x 240mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Volume: 27L



The Neso range by Phoenix is a modern range previously known as the Phoenix FPN-Series. This range offers a high standard of security in a sleek, scratch-resistant jet black housing. Fitted with a high quality electronic biometric lock, the Neso range is programmable with up to 20 individual fingerprints. LED lights included as standard show the status of both the lock and batteries, ensuring you’re never locked out and are always aware of your safe’s status. The range boasts a recommended cash cover of €1500 euros or €15,000 valuables storage.

These safes are also fitted with an over-ride key-lock system should the user lock the safe out, forget the codes, or in the unlikely event of an incomplete fingerprint due to damage or cuts. The over-ride key-lock system comes with two radial pin tumbler keys, ensuring that potential or opportunistic thieves cannot gain access by attemped lock picking. To add to the Neso range’s security, each safe in the range is ready prepared for floor or wall mounting, as bolts are supplied. Bolting may only be effective for brick walls or concrete floors.

As standard, each model in the rage comes with a fitted shelf unit allowing you to better organise your contents within the safe and ensuring peace of mind and tidy organisation. The range is available in 3 sizes.



Additional information

Weight13 kg